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NaPoWriMo 29

The Mules Know What Goes Around Comes Around

I just stole a ton of supplies from
work. I try to chalk such things up to my
unreasonably low salary and the fact
that my boss is a complete douchebag.
But I still feel guilty, despite snagging
some pretty sweet color-coded folders.
I'll use them to organize the batch of
resumes I'll soon be sending out, only
to get another half-assed job. My positive
attitude is killing The Mules, who've
started following me to work and chatting
up the security guards in the lobby.
They know I see them doing it; they're
so passive-aggressive. We're playing
some kind of game, but I can't quite figure
it out. Are they trying to make me feel
guilty or have we finally reached
the next level of involvement?


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