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NaPoWriMo Day 22

The Mules Are Pro Choice

I like to play out a scenario where I'm
the father of Anna Nicole's baby.
We're in Nassau, and I'm craddling her
in my arms in some luxury suite.
The Mules are outside making sure
US Weekly can't get a shot until hair
and makeup arrives. They're good like
that. The car is on its way--we're headed
back to the States today. On the plane,
I whisper into Dannielynn's ear all the big
plans I have for us once the inheritance
comes through. I try to explain how hard
life is for most people, how easy it will be
for us. But where the daydream breaks
down is when I get to the part about
telling her what kind of person Mommy was,
why Mommy isn't here. What comes out
instead is how jealous I am of that lucky
son of a bitch Howard K Stern.


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