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NaPoWriMo Day 25

The Mules Got High And Kept Saying "Leguizamo"

The Mules and I took a road trip
to see a couple of Shakespeare plays
in this outdoor amphitheatre. It was
cool. I would've liked it better if
the director contemped them up a bit...
you know, Claire Danes and Leo style.
But The Mules were happy with the
authentic costumes that the actors
rocked and the expert tone and phrasing.
I dug how Juliet arched her back amid
the throes of death. During intermission,
I noticed The Mules giggling. When I
asked them what the hell was up, they
showed me a sketch of a t-shirt they were
seriously going to silk screen. A picture
of Hermione on the front, and on the back:
"A Winner's Tail" with an arrow pointing
down. Nice, I thought to myself. Real nice.


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