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NaPoWriMo 28

If The Mules Wanted HDTV, They'd Look Out The Window.

I flip on CNN after work...lots of talk
lately about Congress's mandate for
withdrawal in Iraq. My new LCD Flat
Screen has over 2 million pixels, and the
footage of the desert looks amazing
when I watch with all the lights turned off.
I pretend that it is a movie and things
aren't going well for our heroes, but that
in less than half an hour, an armored tank
will come busting over a dune and go
ballistic on enemy forces until only
the good guys are left standing. Some
would call such an ending superhuman,
far-fetched, might even ruin the movie
for them. Apparently CNN agrees--the anchor
always says goodnight before the rescue
scene, and The Mules snatch the remote
out of my hand, turn it to the Discovery
Channel and settle down to watch Planet Earth.


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