The Steinach Operation

A place of semi-natural vigor.





I am Sam's opening band.

Sam gives the audience my home address.

Thanks to Kate and James and Brent for hosting, and Elisa, Julia, Heather, and Mike for coming along.


I and Sam

Come see us read at Ada Books in Providence, RI this Saturday (tomorrow!) at 6pm. Shout out to Publicly Complex's Kate Schapira.


Christopher Columbus vs. Christopher Tonelli

He didn't make it to India. I eventually made it to New Hampshire, but not before this happened.

He drove three boats with names like Nina, Pinta, and Santa Marie. I drove this sweet canoe named Old Towne or something like that.

I bet he didn't get to drive this while his wrecked boat was in the junkyard ('73 Dodge Charger, btw).

And my guess is he used, like, a map...complete with serpenty sea monsters. I used this.

And he prolly wore tights and a shirt with a big ruffled collar. Not me.

WINNER: Christopher Tonelli