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The So and So Series and Rope-A-Dope Press have big plans for AWP. Come visit us at table #285.



Now out from horse less press.


Belated VICTOR Pictures

Our boy Chad Reynolds (known to his sensei as Reywads) had his chapbook launch at The Distillery a couple Thursdays ago. VICTOR IN THE NEW WORLD is now out on Rope-A-Dope Press (the press behind the So and So Series broadsides).
He was nice enough to have Elisa Gabbert, Rope-A-Dope's own Mary Graham, and I open up for him. And then Ara Vora (Chad, TJ Weihing, Colin Tracy, and I) played afterwards.

MC Loc Chanler

Elisa Gabbert

Mary Graham

Yours truly

The star of the evening, Chad Reynolds

w/ musical guest, Ara Vora

For better pics of the evening, go here.


Pt. 2