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Mini Tour w/ Salerno & Gabbert

It's always great to go back to Boston. Especially the Pierre Menard Gallery. Great to hear Joe Hall read again. Thanks to Chris Marstall for some badass hosting.

Yardmeter was steamy! Thanks for the great intros from Jared and Farrah...from afar! And to Shelton (Sheldon?) for the great space. I think I ruined Ben Mirov's life. Nice to meet you Sy and Teddy! Thanks for the lift Cotter!

Philly was the dark horse of the tour. Due to a change of venue, the reading was in Mt. Airy, a little ways outside the city. But the crowd was terrific. And the fooseball dance party after was magic. Thanks especially to Cori and Jon (Lily and Tate). And Luke for the space. And to Dan, Sam, and Paige for being awesome groupies. Nice to meet you...Anthony, Sarah, Levy(i), Hannah, and especially Zach and Andy.

DC was great, thanks to Joe and Wade. Chris, Elisa, and Julie killed. Thanks Abby and Jay! Great to see you Caryn!


For People Who Like Gravity and Other People

New chappy out from Rope-A-Dope!