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This Friday Night

The Burning Chair Readings

A Gathering of Cannibals
at The Pierre Menard Gallery & Lame Duck Books
w/ readings from Cannibal: Issue Three poets

Samuel Amadon
Stephanie Anderson
Elisa Gabbert
Erin Lyndal Martin
Ben Mazer
Christopher Rizzo
Thibault Raoult
Chris Tonelli
Jared White

Friday, April 25th, 7:30-10 pm
The Pierre Menard Gallery
10 Arrow Street
Cambridge, MA

next to
Lame Duck Books
12 Arrow Street
Cambridge, MA


Copies of Cannibal: Issue Three, Ben Mazer’s The Foundations of Poetry Mathematics & other Cannibal Books artifacts will be on sale at the reading.

Cannibal Blog:

Samuel Amadon's work has appeared recently in Boston Review, Cannibal,Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Modern Review, and The New Review of Literature. He lived in Boston for several years and does not remember most of it.

Stephanie Anderson's work has appeared in American Letters & Commentary, Boston Review, Denver Quarterly, Spinning Jenny, and Tin House, among others. Her chapbook, In the Particular Particular, won the 2006 DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press Chapbook Contest. She will live in either Philadelphia or Chicago next year.

Elisa Gabbert
's recent work can be found in Colorado Review, Eleven Eleven, Pleiades, Meridian, Washington Square, Cannibal and Diagram. She is the author of two chapbooks from Kitchen Press, Thanks for Sending the Engine (2007) and My Fear of X (forthcoming), as well as a collection of collaborative poems written with Kathleen Rooney, That Tiny Insane Voluptuousness (Otoliths, 2008).

Erin Lyndal Martin
recently finished her MFA at the University of Alabama. Her work is forthcoming in Denver Quarterly and Hotel Amerika.

Ben Mazer is the author of The Foundations of Poetry Mathematics (Cannibal Books) and Johanna Poems (Cy Gist Press). He is the editor of Landis Everson's Everything Preserved: Poems 1955-2005 (Graywolf Press), and a contributing editor to Fulcrum.

Christopher Rizzo
is a writer and publisher who lives in New York. Over the years, his work has appeared in Art New England, The Cultural Society, Cannibal, Dusie, H_NGM_N, and Spell among other magazines. Christopher has also authored several chapbooks, such as Claire Obscure (Katalanche Press, 2005), Zing (Carve Editions, 2006), and The Breaks (Fewer & Further Press, 2006). Full on Jabber, a collaborative work written with poet Jess Mynes, was released by Martian Press in 2007. Christopher also edits Anchorite Press, an independent poetry publisher of innovative work. He is a doctoral candidate in English at the University at Albany.

Thibault Raoult was a Dolin Scholar at the University of Chicago, and, for two years, OFF(icial) poet-in-residence at Brown University. I’ll Say I’m Only Visiting emerged from Cannibal Books (Brooklyn) in Nov/07; a second run is now available. A new volume, El p.e. [physical education of the elevated train, emerges from Projective Industries in the coming months. Born in Pithiviers, France, raised in Rochester, NY, Thibault generates the dreams [of the congregation of details—a most real e-(s)tat(e) near 3Coasts.

Chris Tonelli
lives in the Boston area where he runs The So and So Series. He has work forthcoming in Saltgrass, Salt Hill, Absent, and Good Foot, and is the author of three chapbooks: For People Who Like Gravity and Other People (Rope-A-Dope Press, forthcoming), A Mule-Shaped Cloud (w/ Sarah Bartlett, horse less press, 2008), and WIDE TREE: Short Poems (Kitchen Press, 2006).

Jared White grew up near Boston and is currently living in Brooklyn, New York. His poems have appeared in such journals as Barrow Street, Fugue, Harp and Altar, The Modern Review and Sawbuck; they are forthcoming in Fulcrum, Horse Less Review, LVNG and elsewhere. He’s about to finish his MFA at Columbia University, where he received a prize from the Academy of American Poets in 2005. He blogs from time to time about poems and culture at


I'll Be Reading With These Two Jokers

This Saturday, April 19th at The Imaginary Press Reading Series. Just in case you're going to be in Minneapolis.

Justin Marks' latest chapbook is [Summer insular](Horse Less Press, 2007). His poems have recently appeared in Soft Targets, Tarpaulin Sky and The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel – Second Floor, and are forthcoming in Handsome and New York Quarterly. He is the founder and Editor of Kitchen Press Chapbooks and lives in New York City.

Matt Rasmussen’s poetry has been recently published or is forthcoming in Gulf Coast, Cimmaron Review,Passages North, Dislocate, New York Quarterly, LIT,and What Light: This Week’s Poem at He currently lives in Robbinsdale and teaches at Gustavus Adolphus College and Rasmussen College. Last year he participated in the Loft Mentor Series and this year he received a SASE/Jerome Grant for Emerging Writers to assist in the writing, editing, and publication of his first full-length manuscript. His chapbook, Fingergun, is available from Kitchen Press.



Me and Sarah canned our project. It sucked.


NaPoWriMo Days 5-7

Self Portrait as Slow Growth

Posing as La Reine Soleil,
Heffernan's figure grows an entire

globe of gardens (the planet
Versailles), conjures up a cosmic

bouffant of roses from one
of the miniature beds--a bouquet

to landscape her white-hot


NaPoWriMo Days 3 & 4


Employing microvilli, Heffernan's
landscape absorbs its color

from the figure of herself, so that
the bouffant bouquet

must be leaching from some
internal source. Perhaps the body

is a prism; perhaps this symbiosis
has a third wheel.


Though they spin along the same
axis, each world evolves

separately. Each atmosphere
expands, then contracts,

breathing similar air. They are
unaware that the sun they orbit

is a sun they share.


NaPoWriMo Days 1&2

Here's the first two "installments" of the long poem Sarah and I will be attempting to write based on the painting below. You will be privy to it as it grows and changes (how lucky are YOU?!?!). I imagine some days will just be spent revising and not adding anything...who knows. Anyway:


Employing microvilli, Heffernan's
landscape absorbs its color

from the figure of herself, so that
the bouffant bouquet

must be leaching from some
internal source. Perhaps the body

is a prism; perhaps this symbiosis
has a third wheel.

NaPoWriMo '08!!! Woo-hoo! I'm going to Daytona!!!

Didn't sleep well last night, Poetry Fan? Our apologies. While we are getting a late start on this month's festivities, I can assure you, it will be well worth the wait. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this Julie Heffernan painting we'll be loosely using as our muse (See! It's already working).

Until next time,
Chris and Sarah