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Elisa Gabbert got a case of the Mondays. 4/24, NaPoWriMo.


Woke up feeling bloggy.
Had a blog in my throat.
It came from the blog.
Just a blog in the machine.
Blogged down with work.
Went out for a blog.
Blog Day Afternoon.
Blog days of summer.
Raining cats and blogs.
London blog.
Can't see through the blog.
Blog is the new Paris.
What's the blog idea?
Town's not blog enough for the both of us.
Don't let the bed blogs bite.
Getting bloggy with it.
Blog it in.
Blog your product.
Cat's out of the blog.
Cat got your blog?
It's a grand old blog.
Blog 'n' roll.
Stop, drop and blog.
Ain't too proud to blog.
I'm blogging you please.
Throw another blog on the fire.
Take the blog of e.
Bright Lights, Blog City.
The Blog Chill.
The Blog Sleep.
Blog Brother.
That hits the blog.
Out, damn blog!
It's blogger than us.
It bloggles the mind.


  • At 7:15 PM GMT-5, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Who let the blogs out?

    Who! Who! Who! Who!

    Who let the blogs out?

    You get the idea.

  • At 10:26 PM GMT-5, Anonymous Elisa Gabbert said…

    Dang, wish I'd thought of that one.


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