The Steinach Operation

A place of semi-natural vigor.


EG's 4/9 NaPoWriMo Installment


Time capsules are so retro I want to send one back
into the past, with a note on each item of kitsch—
some popular snack package or a poignant hat—
that says Totally you, or You go like this. Maybe
I could fool the reverse-archaeologists into thinking
I'm their future king. People were stupider then,
less evolved than us because they didn't have to learn
how to overcome cancer or master the joystick.
They had simple concerns that didn't require calculus
or metaphysics, like ridding mice from the pantry
and putting out occasional house fires. And yet,
as far as we've come, technology still lags behind
our desires. For instance science hasn't solved
the problem of weather: how much of it there is,
and how it is literally everywhere.


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