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Redivider/LIT/Kitchen Press Reading @ AWP

Readers include LIT contributors Matt Henriksen of Typo and Cannibal, Adam Clay also of Typo, Shanna Compton (author of Down Spooky on Winnow Press), Zach Schomburg of Octopus, Reb Livingston of No Tell Motel, Danielle Pafunda of La Petite Zine, and Laurel Snyder (author of Daphne and Jim on Soft Skull), as well as Redivider contributers Sam Starkweather, Elisa Gabbert, Sarah Bartlett, Pauls Toutonghi, Sharon McGill, Jerome Stueart, and Joshua Weber of the Oregon Literary Review. I'll be representin’ Kitchen Press, reading Wide Tree. It’ll be on Friday, 3/10 @ Club DeVille from 9pm-until.


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