The Steinach Operation

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This weekend in NYC, I...

Went to Sam's rad Earshot reading (squint, or adjust the lighting on your screen...he's back there). He read one long ass poem that included the scene in which Randy Johnson blows up a pigeon with a high heater.

Recorded poems for RealPoetik w/ Justin at Ana and Josh's.

Babysat little Maya with Sam here and Justin (DOMESTIC IMAGE ALERT! Behrle, avert your eyes.)

The rest was a bit fuzzy (yeah, that's a picture of the floor). Thanks to Matt, Katy, and Julia for putting up with me in Brooklyn on Friday and then again in Hell's Kitchen on Saturday. Thanks to roadtrip buddy Emily and to Chris and Suzy for a fun Sunday brunch.


number nine...number nine...number nine...

Typo #9 is a-go. I'm all up in that.

Thanks to Ana and Julia for discussing it on their blogs.


So and So #9 is up.

Check it, holmes. Saturday, January 6th, 7pm, Porter Sq. Books.

Flim Forum Press unveils Oh One Arrow with authors John Cotter, Adam Golaski, Matthew Klane, and Jeff Paris.